Our crystal and gem placement consultations are designed to highlight your decor and bring positive energy into your home or office. When crystals and gems are placed harmoniously throughout a living or working environment, there is a discernible improvement in energy flows! Utilize this service to enhance your decor, health, bring in or improve love relationships, have a deeper spiritual connection, and to promote wealth and abundance of all kinds!

We will visit your home or office to determine what changes can be made with crystal placement to create loving, healthy and abundant energy flows. From there, we will work with you to create a proposal for the best gems and their proper placement. If you are currently working with an interior designer, we will assist them in placing your gems for optimum aesthetics while maintaining great energy.

Well placed crystals and gemstones make all the difference! -Anais


This week, I spent time with Anais from Shiny Happy Spirit House, utilizing her Crystal Consulting & Design service. While I’ve intuitively placed crystals throughout my home, I was highly intrigued by Anais’s stories of her recent placement she’d completed for an industrial complex and office building. I wondered what improvements could be made in my home. I have a lot of crystals on display and stored and wanted to ensure I’m utilizing them well for the household.

So, Anais came over, got introduced to my family and got acquainted to our home and its energy. I gave a tour of our house, pointing out all of the crystal locations. First, she suggested placing shungite in the four corners of the house, then we spent the next hour or two walking in and out of rooms, moving crystals, following our intuition (and a few times the guidance of some very opinionated rocks) until things felt balanced. There where a few times when certain crystals felt right when intellectually it didn’t seem to make sense. For instance, a madeira citrine geode on my nightstand — usually you’d want something red-orange-yellow in your office or studio for creating and not have such a energizing stone near you while you sleep.

I can usually sense when crystals need to be near others — or when they do NOT want to be somewhere — however, I’ve never experienced a full house review and adjustment like this before. Afterwards, it actually felt easier to breath, like the air was cleaner or clearer, or flowing easier then it had been before. I didn’t notice or feel things as stagnate before, but after balancing the crystals within the house things did feel better. We didn’t do any feng shui, directional alignments or anything like that — just all intuition, energy and listened to the crystals and the room.

Even now, days later, I can still sense the difference. I came home late one night, tired and concerned how I was gonna get my kid to bed. I walked in the front door and I felt the different energy between inside our home and outside. Again, it felt like a breath of fresher, clearer air. I have also been sleeping very well. Usually when I have lucid dreams, I wake up mental exhausted — my body may have been resting by my mind and spirit have been up all night. The past few nights have been different. Dreaming hasn’t been affected by the new crystals in my room but I’m waking up rejuvenated. It’s a beautiful thing!

Whether you have a specific need (like balancing the energy of an office or welcoming a new baby) or just want help displaying your collection, I highly recommend Anais’ Crystal Consulting & Design service at Shiny Happy Spirit House.

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When working with gemstones or minerals there is only one person I truly trust, Anais of Shiny Happy Spirit House.

Anais has chosen extraordinary pieces for healing all areas of my home and for personal use. She has a very high level of intuition as well as an affinity for gems and minerals, coupled with an eye for finding very high vibration gemstones.
Her unique abilities allow her to pick the very best quality of stones for specific results. Her deep knowledge of their uses along with her intuition gives her a qualified perspective to set up flowing energy in your home and in your body.
I would definitely recommend using her talents if you are considering any purchase of gemstones or minerals, or if you need assistance placing the gems for great energy flow in your home or office.

ML, Oro Valley, AZ

Anais is my go to person for all things impressive in the crystal realm.

She has great sources for gemstones and her crystals are always charged to perfection. She’s very knowledgeable and her stones are always luminous. I believe she even has some cool superpowers and you get to take a piece of that home with you in the crystals.

C.A., Long Beach, CA

Anais from Shiny Happy Spirit House is amazing!

I have been buying stones from her for a couple of years and she recently offered me the service of coming to my home and placing the rocks for a better feng shui vibe. I still cannot believe how much the “feel” of my house has improved! When I walk in my front door now I immediately have a sense of calm and such a feeling of safety and contentment. One of the rooms I noticed a big change in was my office. I own businesses and am often in my home office stressing out about the usual thing which is money. Anais set up a crystal grid within my office as well as moved the crystals around that I already had in there and I am so pleased. I feel more calm and focused while at my computer and the business that I was most worried about has had a big turn around. Is it the crystals that did this? All I know is I feel so much better in my home, like it truly is my sacred space and I will definitely be having Anais back to charge my crystals and arrange the space for new ones since I know I will be buying more. Thank you Anais!

IMB, Newport Coast, CA

Anais from Shiny Happy Spirit House has been a real blessing for me and my store!

I have a brick and mortar crystal store in the Los Angeles, California area. I could find the usual stones and crystals and the occasional great stone, but it took so much time and honestly my polished stones were pretty ‘average’. Anais has a real talent for finding spectacular stones. My polished stones went from average to top quality and sales really picked up. New customers picked up too because we seemed to be getting lots of referrals – “ You gotta check this place out!” My profits increased because I wasn’t closing my store or paying someone else to be there when I was out looking for inventory. It would take me years to find and build the kind of relationships with suppliers that Anais already has. She can buy in bulk when she discovers a good find and this keeps the costs lower for me.

Thank you Anais. Your experience with stones and your amazing ‘eye’ have really improved my store and what I can offer to my customers!

B.H. Los Angeles