8 Pounds Amazing Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster!

XXL Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster! This stunner even has soft shades of pink, is a record keeper, abundance crystal, has some water clear points and much more! It even can sit a variety of ways making it the perfect home decor energetic healer!

~Arkansas Quartz is known to be different from crystal found elsewhere in the world. To me the Energy from this variety of quartz has an unparalleled clarity to it. Thermal waters and magnetic lodestone are two of the reasons that Arkansas crystal is different.

~Quartz has the ability to take in and send energy so it is perfect for sending/receiving guidance. Quartz is a powerful overall healing crystal that can energize and amplify blessings and intentions! Natural quartz crystal has a remarkable energy – it vibrates all of the color frequencies of the spectrum!

~Quartz has been used for transformation, healing and change. Quartz works with All Chakras for balancing, cleansing and healing. For use in Feng Shui- Quartz can be used anywhere that balance or cleansing is needed. Use quartz in the center area of your home for grounding, balance, good health, spirituality and protection. Use in the West area for projects and creativity.

Size: about 7″ by 5″ by 4″
Weight: 3572 grams / 7.14 pounds

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