Euphoralite Ice Flat Stone!


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Euphoralite Ice Flat stone! Euphoralite is a new stone, recently discovered in a single mine in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Ancient mineral deposits in this area have been dated to be 2.8 billion years old! There are many varities of Euphoralite and this one is known as Ice.

~Vibrational testing at the Vesica Institute shows Euphoralite to be a rare adaptogenic stone that contains a very high centering vibration. Since Euphoralite has way over 200 minerals or stone material one can only imagine what this powerful stone can do!

~The Ice Euphoralite contains Blue Tourmaline, Silver Mica, Albite, Purple Lepidolite, and Quartz. This new remarkable stone hosts a rich mineral concentration.

~Because of negative ion movement in Euphoralite, holding a piece of Euphoralite is instantly grounding. It is powerful enough to journey us from a peaceful state of mind up to a stage of relaxation one step before the dream state, eliciting a sense of euphoria!

Size: about 2″ by 1 1/4″ by 1/2″ at its thickest
Weight: .9 ounces / 24 grams

You are purchasing the exact Euphoralite Ice that is pictured. It is mostly smooth with organic minor rough spots. The properties and meanings of this stone will be included with your order. I cleanse and charge every gem product sold with my proprietary system so your gems arrive with good vibes.

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