Huge Rare Pink and Green Amethyst Heart! Home Decor

XXL Rare Pink and Green (Prasiolite) Heart! This is such a stunning heart and an awesome Home Decor Display piece! A free stand is included! It has peek-a-boo openings of druzy crystals as well as areas of prasiolite crystals making it extra rare! It also has beautiful sparkle and shine depending upon how it hits the light!

~The soft but powerful energy of this beautiful pink crystal opens and stimulates the crown chakra so that you are able to act upon intuition with a soul perspective which allows you to be guided by your soul in all areas of your life and experiences. This helps you to live your life as a soul-infused personality radiating divine love and aiding you to become non-judgemental and accepting of others for who they really are.

~Prasiolite is a crystal that links, integrates and balances the higher and lower aspects of being. It awakens the heart to the frequency of love and compassion and enhances the connection to all things! Prasiolite helps you act upon higher guidance and follow your heart upon the path of spirit. It opens the crown and third eye chakras and stimulates inner vision, connection and communication with inter-dimensional beings such as fairies. It also supports shamanic healing work and activating the Light Body!

Size: about 9″ by 6 1/2″ by 1 3/4″ thick
Weight: 2444 grams / 5.6 pounds