How do gemstones and crystals work for healing and protection?

We are all made up of energy so we are all affected by energy. Quantum physics is showing this to be so. We’re made of trillions of cells that transmit and receive energy every second of every day. Our cell membranes are like liquid crystal semiconductors with openings and pathways that open and close, giving us some information while keeping some out. (Did anybody see the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” about quantum physics?) Studies have shown that our DNA actually scans our environment for certain energy and then can change itself. Scientists have seen this happening under the microscope. Gemstones and crystals when used correctly can and will adjust your energy on a cellular level for you.

Aside from all the science behind it, I have studied and worked with gemstones and have used their healing energies for years. I am still blown away to this day how when I am needing a boost emotionally, physically, psychically – whatever – just reaching for the right stone can make a huge shift in my energetic field. I am so grateful to have these amazing gifts from Mother Earth and this is a reason why I created Shiny Happy Spirit House to share the love and energy of gemstones and crystals with everybody! Check out my Shop to see my beauties! Rock On!

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What is all this stuff about smudging?

The answer lives in the world of subtle/spiritual energy. We are all made up of the same energy. Homes and bodies are made of physical matter but they also vibrate with subtle, invisible energy. Cleansing our space and our bodies with techniques such as smudging clears away all the emotional and psychic stuff that may have gathered over years – or even hundreds of years.

These ideas are not just woo-woo or New Agey. Native American tradition dates back millennia and most traditional cultures have processes of cleansing and blessing. We here in the West retain this, although we seem to have forgotten the true purpose behind many of our rituals and ceremonies. The incense smoke wafting through a church or temple is cleansing just as much as the medicine man’s bowl of sacred sage smoke, or smudge.

Smudging calls on the Spirits of the Sage to release negative energies and put you back into a state of balance. Shiny Happy Spirit in the House!

Bless, Cleanse and Purify with this Spirit Sage! All of our sage is certified-organic, reiki-infused white sage from a farm local to the Spirit House. Check out our awesome smudge bowls to go with. We also have insta-smudge spray for those times when burning sage is not practical.

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