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  • XXL Multi Color Smithsonite from Mexico!


    XXL Lovely Blue, Gray, Lavender and Green Smithsonite Specimen from Mexico! This specimen is so stunning with its Velvety Botryoidal formation and is multi-dimensional! It has nicely formed crystals all around! Smithsonite is a known to boost psychic gifts and also has powerful healing properties.

    ~Smithsonite can be found in many tranquil and soothing colors …

  • Faden Tabular Multi-Layered Crystal!


    Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Layered Faden Tabby Quartz from Pakistan! This is such a powerful specimen! There are so many layers and dimensions to this piece- making it an abundance crystal and has many other attributes. One side of the specimen has large tabby crystals and the other side has layers upon layers of smaller tabbies – I …

  • Astrophyllite Specimen with Bronze needles!


    Gorgeous Large Astrophyllite Raw and Natural Rough Stone with no matrix! Astrophyllite’s name comes from the Greek words astron meaning “star” and phyllon meaning “leaf” for the patterns it tends to grow in.

    ~Astrophyllite is known as a stone of self-knowledge and self-acceptance that is said to promote a feeling of well-being! Through this …

  • Baobab Mine Amethyst from Kitui County Kenya!


    Extra Large, Amazing Elestial Smoky Amethyst from the Bobab Mine in Kitui County, Kenya! These amethyst crystals are just mind blowing in configuration and super rare! This is a smoky amethyst transformation crystal that has the most pronounced raised record keeper triangle (pic 6) that I have seen! There are so many over-growths and unusal …

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    Natural Citrine and Smoky Scepter Crystal!

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    Scepter Smoky Citrine from Petersen Mountain also known as Hallelujah Junction! Scepter crystals are symbols of power. The energy from Scepters flows to the heart of everything. A Scepter is a powerful manifesting crystal. The crown of the scepter is a clear pale citrine and the smoky stem as a “phantom” extends pretty far …

  • Natural Citrine Scepter Top from Hallelujah Junction!


    Scepter Citrine Top from Petersen Mountain also known as Hallelujah Junction! The energy from Scepters flows to the heart of everything. A Scepter is a powerful manifesting crystal. The crown of the scepter is beautiful citrine and it even has light reflection! It is a rough, raw and natural citrine- perfect for true citrine aficionados! …

  • Hallelujah Junction Scepter Natural Crystal!


    Amazing and powerful Amethyst Smoky and Citrine Scepter Crystal! This is a raw and natural scepter with such interesting elestials, coloration and rainbow inclusions depending upon how it hits the light! This is one of those crystals you could just stare into for hours as there is so much to see!

    ~Each Quartz crystal is …

  • Phantom Lemurian Lodolite Quartz Crystal!


    Amazing Phantom Lemurian Lodolite Crystal! This Amazing Crystal is rough, raw and natural and has the best phantom images I have ever seen! Lemurians are often misshapen and sometimes twisted, with uneven sides, rough ridges and edges. Lemuria was a peaceful and highly developed spiritual civilization believed to exist on earth over 12 million years …

  • Dalnegorsk Elestial Quartz Crystal Cluster with Green Garnets!


    Rare Dalnegorsk Elestial Crystal Cluster with XL Green Garnets! This specimen has the most amazing elestials, and the crystals sit atop of the most amazing green garnets amplifying the energy of the garnets!

    ~Quartz has the ability to take in and send energy so it is perfect for sending/receiving guidance. Quartz has been used for transformation, …

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    Apophyllite, Stilbite, Red Stilbite and Optical Calcite Specimen!

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    XL Apophyllite Crystals with Stilbite, Red Stilbite and Yellow Optical Calcite on top from India! This is such a lovely raw and natural specimen that is hard to do justice in photos. It is a larger decor type specimen that sets upright a couple of ways! Nature’s own work of Art!

    ~Apophyllite crystals are used …

  • Hallelujah Junction Smoky Quartz Multi Point Crystal!


    XXL Super amazing Hallelujah Crystal from Petersen Mountain also known as Hallelujah Junction! When I first discovered these Crystals I was blown away by their energy and having worked with them I feel that they are needed in the world right now as a tool to assist Healers, Lightworkers and Crystal Lovers! One of the …

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    Noble Serpentine Healerite Free Form!

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    New Discovery / Variety of Healerite! Pearl Ivory Noble Serpentine aka Healerite Free Form! Healerite is the trade name given to Noble Serpentine. This stone is the most Amazing shades of greenish yellow with cream! It has a cut base so stands beautifully as a home decor piece. It contains a lot of silica (quartz) …