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    Rare XL Stibnite Sphere!

    Original price was: $555.00.Current price is: $333.00.

    Amazing and Rare XL Stibnite Sphere! This heavy stibnite sphere is so stunning and has the most amazing energy! It is all about manifestation!

    ~Stibnite is a mineral filled with potential energy. It is a crystal of fire and its energy is one that inspires action and sparks or rekindles passions. Thought to be a stone …

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    Unique Thunder Bay Amethyst!

    Original price was: $59.85.Current price is: $36.00.

    Rare and Unique Amethyst druzy geode cluster from Thunder Bay, Canada! I obtained this piece directly from the mine owner and it is so special! It has lovely sugary druzy crystal on at least 3 sides that are the most amazing mauvey color! AND most of these little crystals have a little red dot …

  • Dalnegorsk Pyrrhotite with Quartz, Calcite, Galena and Sphalerite!


    Amazing and Rare Dalnegorsk Pyrrhotite, Quartz, Calcite, Galena and Sphalerite Specimen! This Specimen is so rare and amazing! The pyrrhotite is hexagonal with a good luster and bronze iridescence. It has stalactic shape covered with spiky little elongated Quartz crystals! The pyrrhotite has silvery galena and sphalerite crystals interspersed throughout giving beautiful contrast!

    ~Pyrrhotite …

  • Dalnegorsk Multi Point Elestial Lodolite Quartz Crystal Cluster!


    Rare Multi Point and Multi Textured Dalnegorsk Lodolite Elestial Crystal Cluster! This specimen has the most amazing elestials, has an overgrowth and layers of calcite and also is a Lodolite Smoky! Because of its unique structure it can be displayed a variety of ways! This is one of those crystals you could stare into for …

  • Sage Lavender Smudging and Calming Spray Mist! Crystal Infused


    White Sage Lavender Smudging and Calming Spray! Formerly called insta-smudge & calm, the packaging and name have been updated but this is the same pure hysdrosol with lavender oil. This is such an amazing way to get the effects of smudging without having to burn sage – which isn’t always practical.

    ~My Sage Lavender Mist …

  • White Sage Hydrosol Mist! Smudging Spray Crystal Infused


    White Sage Hydrosol Mist Smudging Spray! Formerly called Insta-Smudge- the packaging and name have been updated, but this is the same Organic Hydrosol Spray!

    ~My White Sage Hydrosol Mist Smudging Spray is a hydrosol which is a distillate brewed from whole herbs, leaves and flowers. The herbs and water are heated and the resulting steam …

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    Pyrolusite Raw and Natural!

    Original price was: $24.30.Current price is: $12.60.

    Gorgeous and Unique, Raw and Natural Pyrolusite from Morocco! This Specimen has so much depth to it with its velvety black center and Silver Lining surrounding it. Pyrolusite is useful to repel negative energy and strengthen your Aura!

    ~Pyrolusite is known as a stone of transformation! It is able to transmute negative feelings into positive …

  • Rare Large Barite Crystal Specimen from Linwood Mine, Iowa!


    Barite XL crystal specimen from Linwood mine in Buffalo, Iowa! This dark and mysterious beauty is so stunning with its stacks and layering of double terminated crystals. This is an exceptional specimen that you don’t see every day!

    ~Barite enhances friendship, harmony and love. Barite also helps with being in touch with intuitive energies, providing a …

  • Michigan Celestite Crystal Geode!


    Michigan Celestite Crystal Geode from Scofield Quarry, Monroe County! Celestite also known as Celestine is known as one of the most powerful stones there is! Celestite is of such a High Vibration and brings Hope, which reduces fear! Most Celestite on the market is from Madagascar making this a rare and unique find!

    ~Celestite has many …

  • 3 Pounds RARE Epidote Included Crystal!

    Very Rare Collector Piece Epidote included Quartz Bridge Crystal Specimen from Pakistan! This is such a mind blowing crystal! It is comprised of one large main crystal with 2 smaller…

  • 6 Pounds Old Stock Yellow and Purple Illinois Fluorite!

    Old Stock Collector Piece Absolutely amazing Bi-Color Yellow and Purple Hardin County Illinois Fluorite! Yellow Fluorite is one of the rarest colors and this piece is made up of cubic…

  • 4 Pounds Dugway Geode with Druzy! Home Decor

    Absolutely Stunning Dugway Geode with Lavender Pink Druzy and multiple dimensions and layers! This is such an amazing masterpiece and is a rare find! Most Dugway Geodes are either white…