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  • Ilvaite Large, Lovely and Uncommon!


    Absolutely stunning Specimen- Ilvaite from Mongolia China! This is the most lovely piece of Ilvaite with beautiful shapes and textures as well as some lovely quartz, a bit of epidote and some unusual calcite formations! It is a free standing piece making for a nice display.

    ~The meaning of the name of Ilvaite (also known as …

  • Mongolian Quartz XXL Double Terminated Bridge Crystal!


    Mongolian Quartz Point with Sphalerite! This is a gorgeous RARE Quartz crystal point from Mongolia. It has abundance crystals, little bits of sphalerite and a lovely phantom hematoid bridge crystal!

    ~Mongolian Quartz Crystals are great for folks interested in metaphysical aspects of crystals and healing! Quartz is used for transformation, healing and change. Quartz works with …

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    Red Sphalerite on Calcite from Elmwood Tennessee!


    Absolutely Amazing Rare and Unique, Old Stock Red and Gray Sphalerite on Crystal Calcite from Elmwood Tennessee! This specimen comes to you from the now closed Cumberland mine and its beauty is so hard to capture in photos. Its energy is sheer perfection with the synergy of calcite and sphalerite. There is even little gemmy …

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    Lodolite Chlorite Quartz Crystal Cluster!


    Amazing XL Green Chlorite and Pink Lodolite Included Scenic Quartz Cluster! This Amazing Crystal is rough, raw and natural. It is comprised of what appears to be one large crystal base with a multitude of smaller crystals on all sides. The pink and green hues of this specimen make it especially lovely, rare and amazing!

    ~Any …

  • Phantom Lemurian Lodolite Quartz Crystal!


    Amazing Phantom Lemurian Lodolite Crystal! This Amazing Crystal is rough, raw and natural and has the best phantom images I have ever seen! Lemurians are often misshapen and sometimes twisted, with uneven sides, rough ridges and edges. Lemuria was a peaceful and highly developed spiritual civilization believed to exist on earth over 12 million years …