Tumbled and Palm Stones

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  • Amazonite Palm Stone with Schiller!


    So stunning and Sparkly Amazonite Palm Stone! This is such a vivid blue/green and even has areas of Schiller sparkle!

    ~Amazonite, also called Amazon Jade or Amazon Stone, is a green to blue-green variety of Microcline, a Feldspar mineral that forms in short prismatic or tabular crystals or in masses. It has a vitreous luster, …

  • Spiderweb Obsidian Large Palm Stone!


    Gorgeous Spiderweb Obsidian. Do you want to catch and release the old negative patterns of your life? I love how the webbing looks like black widow webs.

    ~Spiderweb Obsidian is a grounding stone that provides strength in times of need with a gentle supportive energy. It allows for self reflection while offering a sense of clarity, …

  • Caribbean Blue Calcite Palm Stone!


    Caribbean Calcite Large Palm Stone! Caribbean Blue Calcite is a new combination mineral that was found in 2019 in Pakistan. It’s a combination of a very light ocean Blue Calcite and light brown and white Aragonite. The stone’s color immediately gets your attention looking like a dreamy beach and ocean scene. In addition to the …