Come in! Come in! Welcome to my House! Shiny Happy Spirit House brings to you Healing Crystals and Stones and Beautiful Rock Specimens for Home Decor and Healing! I also offer Certified Organic, Reiki-Infused White Sage, Sage Smudge Aromatherapy Sprays and much more!

Shiny Happy Spirit House is your one-stop trusted and reliable shop for Spiritual Stones and other transformational tools to create a Shiny Happy Spirit House within and without. We are Adding on to the Shiny Happy Spirit House! Please stay tuned for new and exciting things!


Transformational Tools for your inner and outer Spirit House.



Be sure to Explore all the Rooms of the Shiny Happy Spirit House.  Visit our product room for great gear and our vault where our most exclusive and special gemstones and crystals are Housed. Shiny Happy Spirit House in undergoing Renovations!  We are adding new rooms! Check back soon for New and Exciting Stuff!