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We are currently experiencing and in touch with a call to co-create with the mineral kingdom and that is probably why there has been such a surge in the popularity of crystals for aesthetic and healing purposes. I believe that spirit and science can work together.

All minerals are crystalline and made up of lattices.
Many internal crystal lattices mimic our internal structures in our bodies and can provide healing energies. Crystals vibrate at specific frequencies and color rays that vibe at the same frequency of our energy centers within the body- AKA chakras. This is one way they help with healing. Our consciousness is the biggest healer- using gems and crystals for healing is merely a catalyst and/or tool for the healing you desire.

All crystals and gemstones vibrate at a frequency based upon their color.
These frequencies are known as the Rays. The human body shares certain traits with the mineral kingdom in terms of its crystalline components. Our physical makeup includes a matrix of both solid and liquid crystals and quasi-crystals. Elements of blood, the mineral salts of our cells, elements in bone, proteins and DNA each have compounds that mirror the crystalline state such as that found in quartz.

Crystal healing is much more than just having pretty crystals around you.

Working consciously with crystals and gems can have an effect on not only your spirit, thoughts, emotions and physical well being, it can extend outward to those around you and even help provide healing for the planet.

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