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Pink Calcite Properties

What is Calcite? All calcites are some of my favorite minerals. They come is so many colors, shapes and formations. What I love about calcite is it’s ability to act

My Favorite Mineral- Fluorite!

I am often asked what my favorite stone is. While I have many favorites, fluorite tends to be an all time favorite! What’s so great about Fluorite? Where do I

Faden Crystals

What are Faden Crystals? Faden Quartz Crystals contain one or more string-like white lines inside them, which are composed of air and/or tiny water bubbles. They are formed when the

How to Work With Your Crystals

So you just purchased a bunch of new crystals and stones, now what? Do you have to work with them to get the benefits? What if you just think they

Crystal Clearing and Charging

Do you ever notice how sometimes your crystals and stones just don’t feel as alive as they used to? They may need a cleanse and recharge! As well as being

Lovely Ilvaite

Have you ever experienced the lustrous mineral called Ilvaite? I love its dark and magical beauty as well as its stabilizing energy! What is Ilvaite? The meaning of the name

Marvelous Malachite!

Don’t you just love Malachite? I love the vibrant green color and how when polished it makes the most magical swirls and orbicular patterns! What is Malachite? Malachite is a

Lemurian Crystals

Where do they come from? Lemurians Crystals also known as Lemurian Seed Crystals are known to come from the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. There are other locals known

Anais from Shiny Happy Spirit House is amazing!

I have been buying stones from her for a couple of years and she recently offered me the service of coming to my home and placing the rocks for a better feng shui vibe. I still cannot believe how much the “feel” of my house has improved! When I walk in my front door now I immediately have a sense of calm and such a feeling of safety and contentment. One of the rooms I noticed a big change in was my office. I own businesses and am often in my home office stressing out about the usual thing which is money. Anais set up a crystal grid within my office as well as moved the crystals around that I already had in there and I am so pleased. I feel more calm and focused while at my computer and the business that I was most worried about has had a big turn around. Is it the crystals that did this? All I know is I feel so much better in my home, like it truly is my sacred space and I will definitely be having Anais back to charge my crystals and arrange the space for new ones since I know I will be buying more. Thank you Anais!

IMB, Newport Coast, CA