Faden Crystals

What are Faden Crystals?

Faden Quartz Crystals contain one or more string-like white lines inside them, which are composed of air and/or tiny water bubbles. They are formed when the crystal fractures and then heals itself, creating this thread-like inclusion. Their name is derived from the German word for “string.” These crystals are said to be useful on all chakras. Fadens emanate strong and powerful positive energies. They promote mental and physical stability. Fadens are helpful in seeking out information important to your personal growth and are great for transformation and self-discovery. I love not only the look of these special crystals but also their amazing transformational energy!

What about Faden Tabular Crystals?

Faden tabular crystals are a specific type of Faden crystal formation. They have a distinct tabular shape, meaning they have flat and elongated sides. These crystals form when the fracture and healing process occurs along specific planes, resulting in the tabular shape. These amazing crystals also possess the same properties and energy as regular Faden crystals, including their healing and spiritual benefits.

I love the unique formation of Faden Tabular Crystals and use them extensively in my personal healing work. The Tabby Crystal serves as a bridge or connecting link between two points. For instance, their power lies in their ability to transmit from one side to the other while maintaining perfect balance. The Tabby is a communication master, helping you to translate feelings into mental awareness and conscious verbal expression. They are excellent tools for aligning the intellect with the intuition!

How to Use Faden Tabular Crystals

1. Meditation: Faden crystals can be used during meditation to enhance focus, clarity, and relaxation. Therefore, I often will hold or place my faden crystals on my body based on where the energy is needed. Often I place one on my third eye chakra to help myself enter a deeper state of meditation.

2. Energy healing: I like to use Faden crystals in energy healing practices, such as Reiki or crystal therapy. The crystal’s unique energy can help balance and align the body’s energy centers, promoting overall well-being.

3. Self-discovery: These special crystals are often used for personal growth and self-discovery. Therefore, I often will hold my crystal during journaling or reflection exercises to gain insights, release emotional blockages, or connect with my higher self.

4. Protection and grounding: Amazing Faden crystals have protective properties. People may carry or wear them as a talisman or amulet to shield themselves from negative energies and promote a sense of grounding and stability.

5. Manifestation and intention setting: Your Tabby Faden crystals are great to amplify intentions and manifest desired outcomes. As a reminder, I always say when working with crystals its all about intention. By infusing the crystal with a specific intention and keeping it close, you attract and align with your goals and aspirations.

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