Specialty Crystals

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  • Smoky Tabular Crystal Cluster!


    Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Layered Tabby Quartz from Pakistan! This is such a powerful specimen and the way the crystals are configured is amazing. It also has a calcite coating at the base. There are so many layers and dimensions to this piece- making it an abundance crystal and has many other attributes. It even has baby tabby …

  • Fluorite Deepest Golden Octahedral Specimen!


    So rare and stunning cubic/octahedral deepest golden yellow fluorite from China! This specimen is so Rare and amazing. It is a flat specimen with octahedrons all over the surface. The color is the deepest golden I have seen in fluorite! Golden Fluorite is one of the rarest colors of fluorite!

    ~Fluorite is a great stone …

  • Gem Analcime with no Matrix!


    Amazing Raw and Natural Analcime crystals with no Matrix from Esmeralda County Nevada! I got this specimen from the miner and it is so lovely! I has gorgeous crystals and makes a great cabinet specimen. I love the shape of analcime crystals!

    ~Analcime are great for concentration and focus. They assist in achieving a healthy emotional, …

  • Black Quartz Morion Smoky Twinned Crystal Extra Large!


    XXL Warrior Black “Morion” Twinned Quartz with a hint of green epidote and peachy Feldspar Druzy! This is such a Deep Black Color, consists of 2 large points that merge at a unique angle, is self-healed and therefore a warrior crystal and even has some smaller points coming out of where the 2 large crystals …

  • Ilvaite Large, Lovely and Uncommon!


    Absolutely stunning Specimen- Ilvaite from Mongolia China! This is the most lovely piece of Ilvaite with beautiful shapes and textures as well as some lovely quartz, a bit of epidote and some unusual calcite formations! It is a free standing piece making for a nice display.

    ~The meaning of the name of Ilvaite (also known as …

  • Red Quartz Hematoid Crystal Cluster!


    Red Hematoid Quartz Crystal Cluster! It has large crystal points with inclusions of hematite that are so unique! It’s like thousands of little red dots making up the color. It has 2 flat sides so can be dispalyed different ways. This is in its raw and natural state and is fairly rough on the back …

  • Pink Mangano Calcite UV Reactive!


    Size: about 7" long by 5" wide by 3" thick
    Weight: 1383 grams / 3.08 pounds

    XXL Stunning Beautiful and Velvety Sparkle Pink and Gray Mangano Calcite from China! This is such a lovely soft pink piece and has the most beautiful pagoda crystal formations! This is a pink manganese-bearing Calcite. These calcites are one of the …

  • Mongolian Quartz XXL Double Terminated Bridge Crystal!


    Mongolian Quartz Point with Sphalerite! This is a gorgeous RARE Quartz crystal point from Mongolia. It has abundance crystals, little bits of sphalerite and a lovely phantom hematoid bridge crystal!

    ~Mongolian Quartz Crystals are great for folks interested in metaphysical aspects of crystals and healing! Quartz is used for transformation, healing and change. Quartz works with …

  • Celestite Crystal XXL Specimen from Michigan!


    Michigan Celestite Crystal Specimen from Maybee Quarry, Monroe County! Celestite also known as Celestine is known as one of the most powerful stones there is! Celestite is of such a High Vibration and brings Hope, which reduces fear! Most Celestite on the market is from Madagascar making this a rare and unique find!

    ~Celestite has many …

  • Thunder Bay Red Amethyst XXL!


    Stunning and XXL Red Amethyst from Thunder Bay, Canada! Red amethyst combines the properties of amethyst and hematite that brings a sense of calm with grounding and protection. At the same time, this unusual combination affects the entire chakra system, clearing, balancing, and creating a sense of flow!

    ~Red Amethyst with its addition of Hematite brings …

  • Lodolite Quartz XL Dome Crystal!


    Lodolite Included Quartz from Brazil! It is an organic oval shape that has rough areas. It even has a large rutile running through it. Lodolite is also known as Garden Quartz and Shamanic Dream Stone. The name comes from the Greek Lodolite which means mud stone or stone from the mud.

    ~Lodolite Quartz is known …

  • Faden Multi-Layered Abundance Crystal!


    Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Layered Faden Tabby Quartz from North Waziristan, Pakistan! There are so many layers and dimensions to this piece- making it an abundance crystal and has many other attributes. It is difficult to do this piece justice in photos.

    ~Faden Quartz Crystals contain one or more string-like white lines inside them, which are composed of air …