Stone Hearts

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  • Black and Brown Tourmaline Large Heart!


    Amazing and Powerful Black and Brown Tourmaline aka Dravite or Dravide Heart! This stone is so amazing to look at as it is black but can show some very deep root beer colored sparkle depending upon how it hits the light – and energetically it is quite different as well!

    ~Brown Tourmaline is also known …

  • Lepidolite Lovely Stone Heart!


    Lovely Lepidolite Heart! This heart is made from lovely deep purple lepidolite.

    ~Lepidolite is stone of calm, trust, and acceptance. It is a stone of transformation in that it helps you get through transitions with trust that everything will be alright. Lepidolite is also known a protective stone that can bring success in business or career.

    ~ …

  • Large Pyrite Open Geode Heart!


    Lovely Natural Pyrite Heart- Open Geode with Cubic Crystals! Pyrite is one of the most Grounding and Protective Stones! This Pyrite Geode Heart is finely crafted and has pyrite cubic nuggets!

    ~Pyrite has been used for centuries to increase wealth. Pyrite can be used for focus, practicality, logic, and memory. This grounding stone is associated …

  • Polychrome Jasper XL Puff Heart!


    Polychrome Jasper / Desert Jasper Large Puff Heart! Polychrome Jasper is from Madagascar! This Large Polychrome Jasper Puff Heart is so Beautiful to look at with its Rich Colors of Blue and Terra Cotta. The patterns in it are so lovely! This is the Perfect Stone to use for Balancing Energies!

    ~Polychrome Jasper is a …

  • Ocean Jasper Stone Heart!


    Beautiful Ocean Jasper Heart! Ocean Jasper is called the Stone of Joy! This heart is lovely with its soft greens and lavender with openings where you can see the internal crystal lattice.

    ~Ocean Jasper is also called Orbicular Jasper and is an unusual jasper found only at a remote location on the coast of Madagascar. It …