Chlorite Quartz Green Abundance Crystal Cluster!


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Chlorite Quartz Abundance Crystal Cluster! This Powerful Crystal Cluster has so many large and small points making it an abundance cluster! This is a raw, rough and natural Quartz Crystal that comes to you from Pakistan.

~Any mineral that contains Chlorite can be a very effective healing mineral. Most have a deep connection to nature and the elements of earth. The properties of chlorite are also overwhelmingly positive. Chlorite minerals are cleansing to all of the energy bodies and can also help detoxify the physical body.

~Chlorite is known to carry the energy of cleanliness, balance and health. The Green color is the primary color of our natural world. There’s nothing more healing and Inspiring than taking a nature walk – our mind seems clearer, we naturally slow down into the present moment, our breath deepens and our mood tends to stabilize. The color green represents nitrogen, an important element in the air we breathe. It is a cool, fresh color that vibrates health, growth and new life!

~Abundance Crystals can be recognized as one large crystal with individual smaller crystals attached to its sides. The smaller crystals resonate an energy reminding us that universal abundance is all around us and only limited by our own beliefs about what abundance means. These crystals are good choices for personal work regarding self-limiting beliefs about abundance in ones life. Their frequency fosters a reminder that there is no limit to what you deserve and are allowed to have. As the smaller crystals are attracted to the wisdom and enlightenment of the larger crystal, we attract more abundance with the precision and clarity of our thoughts.

Size: about 3 1/2″ by 3″ by 2″ thick/tall
Weight: 294 grams / 10.4 ounces


You are purchasing the exact Chlorite Crystal Cluster that is pictured. The properties and meanings of this stone will be included with your order. I cleanse every product sold with my proprietary cleanse so your gems arrive with good vibes.

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