Let’s Talk About Different Crystal Types

Part 1

Did you ever take a good look at a crystal and notice some unique shapes, patterns, inclusions and textures? The more I study crystals the deeper down the rabbit hole I go! Let’s dive in to a few so you’ll know what those shapes and patterns can mean. The citrine cluster pictured has all the attributes below.

Window Crystals are recognized by the presence of a large 4 sided diamond shaped “window” located in front of the crystal. The diamond shape represents the balance and synergy between the spiritual and physical realms. Used in meditation this powerful teaching crystal can open windows where you can see beyond the illusions of physicality into the radiance of your Higher Self. Window Crystals give insights that mirror the shadows of fear and insecurity that slow your growth and your soul’s expression of light.

Abundance Crystals can be recognized as one large crystal with individual smaller crystals attached to its sides. The smaller crystals resonate an energy reminding us that universal abundance is all around us and we are only limited by our own beliefs about what abundance means. These crystals are good choices for personal work regarding self-limiting beliefs about abundance. Their frequency are a reminder that there is no limit to what you deserve and are allowed to have. As the smaller crystals are attracted to the wisdom and enlightenment of the larger crystal, we attract more abundance with the precision and clarity of our thoughts.

Time Link Crystals are crystals that have a parallelogram as one of its faces, which is attached to a terminal face. Time Links are like crystalline time conductors that the soul can travel upon in order to consciously connect with aspects of yourself existing in other times, places, and dimensions. Time Links are excellent tools for use in soul retrieval work, past life work or childhood trauma work as they resonate a frequency that operates outside of our human linear views of time.

Empathic / Warrior Crystals are recognized by damaged and/or missing portions of their terminations also known as points. They may have endured a major earth shift or have been badly handled in their travels. They can be considered unattractive by  people not aware of what they stand for or the beautiful energy they radiate. These crystals are excellent choices for increasing our level of compassion for others without losing ourselves in the process, and they are also powerful in helping open your heart chakra. Many Empathic Crystals develop beautiful rainbows within, reminding us that it is who we are on the inside that matters. The inner beauty of these special crystals reminds us that it is possible to regenerate our own rainbows, even if we have been badly treated, neglected or abused. They are said to pass on their strengths and survival skills to us.


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