Crystals and Stones for Our Current Times

In our current times, it is comforting to know that we can reach for our crystal allies for strength, comfort and protection. We can also use these gems to help those around us and benefit all of mankind with focused intention while working with our crystals.

I study both the science and metaphysics of crystals and gems and know that spirit and science can work together. I really like to look at how humankind and the mineral kingdom interact on all levels, whether it be science, biology, environment, décor or spirituality.

The main crystal that has been speaking to me for our current challenges is Lemurian Crystals. Lemuria was a peaceful and highly developed spiritual civilization believed to exist on Earth over 12 million years ago. During the last days of Lemuria, the Lemurians planted crystals programmed to transmit a message of oneness. Having seeded the crystals, it is believed that the Lemurians left this planet for other star systems. Other Lemurians went into inner earth where they continue to care for the earth and the crystals now surfacing!

Lemurian Crystals are primarily feminine in their nature and assist us in accessing the divine compassionate love of oneness. They are protective, sweet, wise and have a powerful beauty. They are waiting for us all to open our hearts to them, and other beings like them, to become a part of the magnificent grid of light they exist in.

Danburite is one of the highest vibration minerals on the market today. Danburite is known to connect the heart of the mind with the mind of the heart. Highly spiritual and sought after for its metaphysical properties, Danburite is a powerful Heart Chakra stone, relieving emotional pain and increasing acceptance of self and of others bringing peace and serenity. This is a good stone to have during times of significant change. Danburite can help heal old deep wounds, as well as clear past Karma.

Crystal Clusters- are a formation of individual single points of configured crystals that share a common base. They represent the ideal evolved community, with each individual member being a separate, perfect, and unique crystal sharing a common ground. They represent harmonious living, reflecting light back and forth to one another so they all bathe in the radiant energy of the whole. These communities of light enhance healing vibrations in the environment and are excellent for helping to cleanse and balance the atmosphere wherever they are placed.

Pyrolusite- is known as a stone of transformation! It is able to transmute negative feelings into positive ones and clear the mind. Ancient magicians relied upon this dark stone because of its power to transform and restructure energies. Pyrolusite is a stone of serendipity. It is a stone associated with hope, said to stimulate material comfort and optimism and helps you to deal with authority figures. Pyrolusite is known to provide a barrier to stop psychic interference from both the physical and spiritual realms. It may help you to feel more optimistic about life and see the Silver Lining even in darkness.

The Stone of Confidence and Transformation, Pyrolusite is steel gray with a solid black in earthy specimens. It is a perfect polarity of energies, embodying the bright and dark forces united in concert for synergy. It is known as a symbol of great luck!

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