Reflecting on 8 Years in Business: A Journey of Growth and Friendship

In today’s competitive crystal business world, it is an achievement worth celebrating my milestone of eight years in business! This is a bit about my journey over the past eight years, highlighting the challenges, lessons I have learned, and the accomplishments I have achieved along the way.

Humble Beginnings

Shiny Happy Spirit House came from very humble beginnings. At the time I started the business, I was working at a job that was very unfulfilling and stressful. I found that being with the crystals I was selling was a great help with the stress of the job and transition to my business full time. It was a journey of discovery and helped me see what my true calling and passion is. I had very limited resources but had a big dream and huge love for all things in the mineral realm.

Having been an intuitive consultant for many years, it helped me see what a great affinity I have with crystals and their energy. I have been connected with them since childhood. Through determination and love for crystals and stones, I managed to establish a strong foundation and lay the groundwork for future growth of Shiny Happy Spirit House.


No entrepreneurial journey is without its fair share of challenges. For me, the biggest challenge has been a very over saturated gem market with dealers selling their wares at wholesale prices to retail customers. Also, the rapid growth of Instagram live sales has made it harder to be a retailer of hand-selected, often one-of-a-kind gems when shoppers can find the same type of items in many venues. The crystal market is now so mainstream that you can even purchase crystals at the big retailers.

I realize because I limit my selections based on energy, and only buy in small batches I cannot keep up with the dealers who buy in mass quantity. However, quality is so much more important to me than quantity.. I care about the crystal’s journey to market, how it was mined, who has handled it and how the Earth was treated in the process. It has been a daunting challenge but I have chosen to continue my business as a curator of crystals with the best energy rather than being someone who buys in quantity just to get lower prices. Anybody can buy and sell crystals. However, this being a very energy based business I feel I have to sell only those items that speak to me.

Evolving Customer Relationships

Throughout my journey, my customers have always been at the heart of everything I do. I have always focused on building strong relationships and delivering exceptional value, I have earned much trust, friendship and loyalty. Listening to customer’s needs and adapting my offerings accordingly has allowed me to retain such an amazing clientele that will only buy crystals from me. Nothing makes me happier than customers letting me know how much my crystals have helped them evolve. This for me is priceless!

Eight years in business is a significant achievement, marking a journey filled with growth, challenges, and accomplishments. As I look back, I am so proud of how far I have come and grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead. My commitment to continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, and ethical business practices remains unwavering. Thank you to my amazing customers, dealers and miners for being a part of my success story. Here’s to the next chapter! 

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