Crystal Clearing and Charging

Do you ever notice how sometimes your crystals and stones just don’t feel as alive as they used to? They may need a cleanse and recharge! As well as being transmitters of energy, crystals also absorb energy. Some people are by the book about clearing and charging their crystals but I always recommend using your intuition. If your crystals feel like they need a recharge- then they do.

Listed below are some recommendations for clearing and charging your crystals and stones. Please keep in mind that some techniques of cleansing i.e. water and salt, are not good for all crystal types.

Some popular and safe choices for clearing/cleansing crystals:

Moonlight- The moon reflects the light of the sun. The New Moon is a time of releasing and new beginnings, making it the perfect time to clear your crystals of any old and stagnant energy. A waxing moon is good for optimism and hope. A full moon is good for a recharge. Again trust your intuition.

Smudging or Smudging Sprays- Burning sage or other purifying herbs you can clear all crystals and stones safely. Simply wave burning sage around the stone or crystal to bless, cleanse and purify. Smudge sprays can be used as well but I would not recommend spraying all stones directly as some stones should not get wet.

Water- Submerge your crystals in clean water, such as spring water, for several hours or overnight. This method is suitable for some crystals, but avoid using it for crystals that are water-soluble or prone to rusting.

Can I safely use water on all of my stones?

I personally find that many crystals and stones wake up energetically in water. But, some crystals should not get wet or be left in water for long periods of time. The results can be anything from fractures, loss of shine to breaking or dissolving to producing a toxic chemical reaction that can be dangerous. One technique you can use with water is turning on your tap with just a drizzle of water and hold your crystal underneath so it mimics being washed in a stream. Some people like to take their crystals to the ocean and bathe them in salt water. Keep in mind that salt (and water) can act as a corrosive and is not okay for some stones.

Some crystals and stones that are not okay with water:

Selenite and/or Satin Spar- will dissolve over time in water.

Azurite- can dissolve in water if in rough form and is also copper containing.

Apophyllite – can be softer so does not necessarily do well in water.

Fluorite- if polished can take a quick rinse but definitely never use in salt water.

Celestite- often has a soft matrix that will dissolve.

Halite- is made of salt and will dissolve.

Hanksite- made of salt so will dissolve over time. Use oil to protect.

Lepidolite (natural form)- Water will make natural Lepidolite (not polished) even softer than it is which makes it vulnerable to scratches, fractures, and other types of erosion.

Malachite- Unpolished Malachite will release toxic fumes when it is wet, so be sure to store it safely in a dry area.

How to Charge Crystals

Once your crystals have been cleansed its a great idea to recharge them. Many of us have been entrained to believe that selenite is the best for clearing and charging crystals and stones. I do not agree although it seems to work fine for many people. Some techniques to use are:

1. Sunlight: Place your crystals in direct sunlight for a few hours. The sun’s energy will cleanse and recharge them. However, be cautious with crystals that might fade or discolor in sunlight- like amethyst, fluorite and calcite.

2. Earth: Bury your crystals in the earth or place them on a bed of natural salt or soil. Leave them there for a day or longer. The earth’s grounding energy will cleanse and recharge your crystals.

3. Sound or vibration: Use sound vibrations to clear and charge your crystals. You can do this by placing your crystals near sound instruments like singing bowls, bells, or tuning forks. The vibrations help remove stagnant energies.

Remember to follow your intuition when choosing a method, as certain crystals may resonate better with specific cleansing techniques. It’s important to research each crystal’s properties and mineral makeup to clear and charge as safely as possible.

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