Lovely Ilvaite

Have you ever experienced the lustrous mineral called Ilvaite? I love its dark and magical beauty as well as its stabilizing energy!

What is Ilvaite?

The meaning of the name of Ilvaite (also known as Yenite) comes from the location where it was first discovered on the Italian island of Elba, which is located in the Mediterranean Sea. Its name comes from the Latin word ‘ilva’, which is the original name of the island of Elba. Ilvaite is a sorosilicate mineral of iron and calcium. Often found in contact metamorphic rocks or skarn (calcium bearing) ore deposits. It has a dark grey/black slightly metallic appearance.

What are the metaphysical properties of Ilvaite?

Ilvaite connects you deeply to the Earth and base chakras. The iron content is very grounding helps to ground your thoughts and feelings into the third dimensional reality and daily life. In addition, Ilvaite allows you to be able to have a deeper understanding of what your thoughts and inner feelings mean so that you can have patience to allow your life to evolve in whatever manner or pace are required. It allows you to be accepting of your physicality and accepting of life.

The steadying energy of Ilvaite helps you to persevere until your life’s goals are achieved. It allows you to feel safe and secure in the third dimensional reality and with this knowledge you have a stability to your life. I find Ilvaite to be very stabilizing and is a stone I reach for when I feel “off” whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Ilvaite is an excellent crystal for those who need more patience. Also, it increases your levels of patience and perseverance and helps you understand that these two attributes contribute greatly towards your own success. It is a grounding and centering crystal and one that helps you find the time to search out the truth in any situation. Ilvaite also enhances your emotional stability and helps you be both more creative and more original in your outlook.

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