Marvelous Malachite!

Don’t you just love Malachite? I love the vibrant green color and how when polished it makes the most magical swirls and orbicular patterns!

What is Malachite?

Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral with chemical formula [Cu2CO3(OH)2] formed by the weathering of copper ore bodies in the vicinity. The hardness varies between 3.5–4.0. This marvelous stone occurs worldwide including Congo, Gabon, Zambia, Namibia, Mexico, Australia, and with the largest deposit/mine in the Urals region, Russia. The presence of malachite is an excellent surface indicator for copper exploration.

Malachite Metaphysical Meanings

Malachite is a stone of transformation and prosperity that helps facilitate change. It can help clear and activate the chakras and assist the heart chakra by opening this energy center to unconditional love!

Malachite can direct you towards accelerated spiritual evolution making this the perfect stone for energy/light workers! It is great for absorbing negative energies and electromagnetic radiation of any kind.These lovely green stones are believed to function by absorbing whatever type of energy you want to get rid yourself of. What more could you ask for?

Malachite works well with both the heart and throat chakras and is an equalizing and balancing stone. Malachite is known as a protective stone particularly for those who work in aviation such as pilots. In addition, it also represents fidelity in Love and friendship, loyalty in partnerships and responsibility in business partnerships. It is known to assist in childbirth and is nurturing and protective for the mother. Malachite is also known to be protective for children! Additionally – placing malachite on your abdomen can assist with menstrual cramping.

Is Malachite Toxic?

As you now know, Malachite contains copper so should never be used in drinking water. Malachite is especially toxic when it is broken down (in water for example) or when it is in the process of being broken down. The biggest concern about malachite toxicity is if you were to inhale it in its powder form. For instance, this would apply to folks using raw malachite in lapidary processes. If malachite dust is inhaled, it irritates the respiratory tract, leading to severe complications. Additionally some other possible symptoms could be shortness of breath and coughing. If you ingest the mineral powder, you may experience problems in the gastronomical tract with symptoms like diarrhea and nauseousness. Lastly, I recommend that if you want to handle malachite, use it in its polished form so you do not release any of its toxic dust.

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