Lemurian Crystals

Where do they come from?

Lemurians Crystals also known as Lemurian Seed Crystals are known to come from the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. There are other locals known for these crystals to exist- and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were found worldwide. Many crystal dealers will tell you that true lemurians only come from Brazil.

Do you know the story behind these prized crystals? Lemuria was a peaceful and highly developed spiritual civilization believed to exist on earth over 12 million years ago. During the last days of Lemuria, the Lemurians planted seed crystals programmed to transmit a message of oneness. Having seeded the crystals, it is believed that the Lemurians left this planet for other star systems. Other Lemurians went into inner earth where they continue to care for the earth and the seed crystals now surfacing!

Why are lemurians so special?

Lemurian Crystals are used in spiritual / energy healing when the entire organism is out of balance with itself. Therefore they are used to bring a sense of oneness to those feeling detached and alone. These crystals are all wands and conduct, amplify, and focus the Universal Life Force heightening the healing power of the Healer! My personal experiences with Lemurian Crystals is that they are lovely companion crystals, they provide fast and profound healing and they have such a humble wisdom about them.

In spiritual healing, wands focus the healing elements of the Universal Life Force on areas of the body that are weak or suffering from being out of balance. In meditation Lemurian Crystals are useful to deal with a complex issues that seems to have no solution. When you are seeking wisdom and understanding, try meditating with a Lemurian Seed Crystal.

I know that Lemurian Seed Crystals can assist us in reaching high meditative states and are extremely powerful hands on healing tools. They are primarily feminine in their nature and assist us in accessing the divine compassionate love of oneness. These crystals are protective, sweet, wise and have a powerful beauty. They are waiting for us all to open our hearts to them, to become a part of the grid of light of oneness that they exist in!

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