Andara Time

Andaras were discovered in 1995 at a unique mineral deposit near one of earth’s high-energy vortex sites in the High Sierra Mountains of northern California. Monatomic Elements of Gold, Silver, Iridium, Rhodium, Chromium, Platinum, and other monatomic minerals were found in this deposit. This natural mineral complex exhibits extraordinary properties that strengthen and stabilize the electromagnetic fields of the human body!

Discovered within the deposit were glass-like crystals of exceptional power and beauty. Monatomic Andara crystal is a glass-like transmuted mineral complex from this naturally occurring mineral deposit high in monatomic minerals. The modalities of these crystals interact with you electromagnetically, helpin in restoring health and equilibrium.

The Monatomic Andara crystal is very special. In scientific testing of the location where they were originally found, the soil that Monatomic Andara crystals were discovered in contain high levels of monatomic metallic elements. Monatomic metallic elements are single atom metal elements that behave very differently than normal metals. When monatomic metallic elements are heated to high temperatures, they transmute to a glass like material called Andara.

Andara crystals positively affect the energy patterns that move through the body’s meridians. Andara crystals initiate electromagnetic balance and harmony via a positive-charged wave that restores and cleanses.  You are blessed with greater creativity, enhanced mind body coordination, improved learning ability and less stress.  Calmness and serenity can also result as mental clutter gives way to a more focused thought process.

Many experience the effects of Andara crystals as dramatically expanded sensory perception and access to information beyond normal third dimensional channels. Intuition is increased, especially experiences of telepathic connection with other people or beings. Connections to your higher divine self are strengthened, increasing feelings of universal oneness, harmony and joy. One of my customers even utilized her Andara in specialized healing for all of the Earth’s water.

Monatomic Andara crystals are a soul enhancing, high vibrational healing tool that works on all levels- physical, emotional, and spiritual. The process creates a unique healing experience assisting you in releasing unwanted energies while expanding your understanding of your true reality, closer to your original divine consciousness.


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