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  • Black Quartz Morion Smoky Twinned Crystal Extra Large!


    XXL Warrior Black “Morion” Twinned Quartz with a hint of green epidote and peachy Feldspar Druzy! This is such a Deep Black Color, consists of 2 large points that merge at a unique angle, is self-healed and therefore a warrior crystal and even has some smaller points coming out of where the 2 large crystals …

  • Lovely Sphalerite Druzy Obelisk!


    Lovely and sparkly Sphalerite druzy obelisk! This is such a rare and unique find with multiple openings of sparkly druzy!

    ~Sphalerite is made up of zinc sulfide, the chief ore of zinc, and is a part of the Sphalerite group. It may be yellow, brown, red or black. Sphalerite is also known as Zinc Blende. …