Fluorite Crystals

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  • Fluorite Deepest Golden Octahedral Specimen!


    So rare and stunning cubic/octahedral deepest golden yellow fluorite from China! This specimen is so Rare and amazing. It is a flat specimen with octahedrons all over the surface. The color is the deepest golden I have seen in fluorite! Golden Fluorite is one of the rarest colors of fluorite!

    ~Fluorite is a great stone …

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    Fluorite Purple Blue Green Octahedron Specimen!

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    Rich Purple Fluorite Octahedron Specimen with layers of blue and green from Zhejiang Province, China! Purple Fluorite is the most Peace-Giving of all the Fluorites. This specimen is a rich, almost grape juice purple color with its beautiful velvety layers of cubic and octahedron shaped crystals sitting atop a matrix of green and blue fluorite! …

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    Fluorite Cubic Golden Yellow!

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    Stunning cubic golden yellow and purple fluorite from Morocco! This is a stunning specimen with cubes that are almost druzy like. Yellow Fluorite is one of the rarest colors of fluorite! It even has hints of purple fluorite.

    ~Fluorite is a great stone of concentration and is empowering to manifest thoughts and ideas. Purple fluorite stimulates …