Fluorite Specimen

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  • Fluorite Deepest Golden Octahedral Specimen!


    So rare and stunning cubic/octahedral deepest golden yellow fluorite from China! This specimen is so Rare and amazing. It is a flat specimen with octahedrons all over the surface. The color is the deepest golden I have seen in fluorite! Golden Fluorite is one of the rarest colors of fluorite!

    ~Fluorite is a great stone …

  • Exceptional Green Fluorite Specimen in Matrix!


    Raw Green Fluorite Cubic Specimen! This Amazing Green Fluorite specimen has the most lovely shades of Green and the cubes have such an amazing formation. It is surrounded in matrix that offsets the lovely fluorite! This is such a lovely piece of natural Fluorite!

    ~ Green Fluorite is highly beneficial for clearing negative energy …

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    Fluorite Purple Blue Green Octahedron Specimen!

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    Rich Purple Fluorite Octahedron Specimen with layers of blue and green from Zhejiang Province, China! Purple Fluorite is the most Peace-Giving of all the Fluorites. This specimen is a rich, almost grape juice purple color with its beautiful velvety layers of cubic and octahedron shaped crystals sitting atop a matrix of green and blue fluorite! …

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    Fluorite Cubic Golden Yellow!

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    Stunning cubic golden yellow and purple fluorite from Morocco! This is a stunning specimen with cubes that are almost druzy like. Yellow Fluorite is one of the rarest colors of fluorite! It even has hints of purple fluorite.

    ~Fluorite is a great stone of concentration and is empowering to manifest thoughts and ideas. Purple fluorite stimulates …

  • Green Fluorite with Chalcopyrite XXL Specimen!


    XXL Raw Green Fluorite Specimen – part cubic part rock with a coating of chalcopyrite from Morocco! from Madagascar! This is a rough, raw and natural specimen and the chalcopyrite emphasizes the cubic structure of the fluorite! It even has a bit of hexagonal calcite on it.

    ~Fluorite is a great stone of concentration and is …