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    Quartz on Barite Specimen!


    Stunning Bladed Barite with Quartz Crystal Points from Pakistan! This is an exceptional specimen that you don't see every day and is difficult to do it justice with pictures.

    ~Barite attracts high frequency energy to help create a more heightened field of light within you! It is excellent for clearing blockages within the higher chakras. It …

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    Red Quartz XL Hematoid Heart!


    Red Hematoid Quartz Crystal Heart with some Golden Healer! This is an Extra Large puff heart with beautiful sparkle and shine!

    ~Hematoid Quartz has the proper name of Ferruginous Quartz, and is defined as Quartz that contains a heavy concentration of Hematite and/or Limonite. This Heart is amazing to gaze into with all of its light …

  • Natural Citrine Smoky Scepter Phantom!


    Amazing Scepter Smoky Citrine from Petersen Mountain also known as Hallelujah Junction! The energy from Scepters flows to the heart of everything. A Scepter is a powerful manifesting crystal. This piece is stunning to look at and the energy coming from it feels so pure and laser focused! The crown of the scepter is natural …

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    Smoky Tabular Crystal Cluster!


    Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Layered Tabby Quartz from Pakistan! This is such a powerful specimen and the way the crystals are configured is amazing. It also has a calcite coating at the base. There are so many layers and dimensions to this piece- making it an abundance crystal and has many other attributes. It even has baby tabby …

  • Black Quartz Morion Smoky Twinned Crystal Extra Large!


    XXL Warrior Black “Morion” Twinned Quartz with a hint of green epidote and peachy Feldspar Druzy! This is such a Deep Black Color, consists of 2 large points that merge at a unique angle, is self-healed and therefore a warrior crystal and even has some smaller points coming out of where the 2 large crystals …

  • Ilvaite Large, Lovely and Uncommon!


    Absolutely stunning Specimen- Ilvaite from Mongolia China! This is the most lovely piece of Ilvaite with beautiful shapes and textures as well as some lovely quartz, a bit of epidote and some unusual calcite formations! It is a free standing piece making for a nice display.

    ~The meaning of the name of Ilvaite (also known as …

  • Red Quartz Hematoid Crystal Cluster!


    Red Hematoid Quartz Crystal Cluster! It has large crystal points with inclusions of hematite that are so unique! It’s like thousands of little red dots making up the color. It has 2 flat sides so can be dispalyed different ways. This is in its raw and natural state and is fairly rough on the back …

  • Chalcopyrite Calcite Flower Sphalerite Specimen!


    Amazing and unusual calcite crystals atop of chalcopyrite and sphalerite, from China! This is such an unusual and colorful specimen!

    ~Chalcopyrite helps with the grounding of excess nervous energy, allowing the body and mind to release stress related emotions which can cause an imbalance throughout the body. Chalcopyrite is known to help connect with Archangel Metatron …

  • Faden Tabular Crystal Specimen!


    So Amazing Faden Quartz from Pakistan! This is such a powerful specimen!

    ~Faden Quartz Crystals contain one or more string-like white lines inside them, which are composed of air and/or tiny water bubbles. Their name is derived from the German word for "string." They are said to be useful on all chakras. They may be …

  • Lemurian Transformation Crystal Elestial from Brazil!


    XXL Lemurian Transformation Crystal! Lemurian Crystals have horizontal striations on one or more sides. Lemurians are often misshapen and sometimes twisted, with uneven sides, rough ridges and edges. This smoky crystal would also be considered elestial as well as a glyph crystal.

    ~Lemuria was a peaceful and highly developed spiritual civilization believed to exist on earth …

  • Columbian Blue Smoke Quartz Crystal with Cookeite!


    So amazing Blue Smoke Crystal with Cookeite from Columbia! This crystal also has penetrator baby crystals and a druzy of cookeite. The etchings feel like some galactic morse code with some profound information!

    ~These crystals were analyzed at Cal Tech and it was discovered that the blue smoke inclusion is actually made up of atomic tunnels …

  • Himalayan Pink Samadhi Quartz Crystal Cluster!


    Exquisitely lovely Himalayan Pale Pink Samadhi Quartz Crystal Cluster with a hint of green chlorite! This crystal cluster is such a unique formation. It even can be displayed somewhat upright! Samadhi Quartz is an exceptionally rare variety of crystalline Pink Quartz found only in high elevations of the Himalayan Mountains of India.

    ~Samadhi pink quartz …