Youngite Agate

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  • Lovely Youngite Specimen from Wyoming!


    Beautiful and Sparkly Youngite Agate from Wyoming USA! I love the energy of Youngite! This piece is a beautiful Gray and Dusty Rose color and is so sparkly with its sugary coating of druzy crystals. It even has translucent druzy! This is an old stock specimen that is a rare find.

    ~Youngite brings a great sense …

  • Amazing Youngite XL with Druzy Crystals!


    Beautiful and Sparkly Youngite Jasper from Wyoming USA! This piece is a beautiful sparkly white gray color with areas of a pinky jasper peeking out.

    ~Youngite brings a great sense of joy and peace. It works well during times of distress and sadness and is especially good for loss and dealing with grief or bereavement. Youngite …