Pink Calcite Quartz Elestial Crystal!


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Super Rare, Elestial, Calcite and Quartz Crystal Coated, Abundance Crystal from New Mexico! This was such an amazing find that I got from the miner. This crystal is comprised of quartz crystals that have this lovely coating of this amazing rose pink calcite crystals mixed with baby calcite and quartz crystals making it an abundance crystal! It even has bits of chalcopyrite!

~Quartz has the ability to take in and send energy so it is perfect for sending/receiving guidance. Quartz has been used for transformation, healing and change. Quartz works with All Chakras for balancing, cleansing and healing.

~In general, calcite supports releasing blocks and creating wholeness. As a heart chakra stone, pink calcite helps with releasing blocked emotions and creating emotional stability and well-being!

~Abundance Crystals can be recognized as larger crystals with individual smaller crystals attached to the sides. The smaller crystals resonate an energy reminding us that universal abundance is all around us and only limited by our own beliefs about what abundance means. These crystals are good choices for personal work regarding self-limiting beliefs about abundance in ones life.

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Size: about 2″ by 1 1/2″
Weight: 45 grams / 1.6 ounces

You are purchasing the exact New Mexico Quartz Crystal that is pictured. The properties and meanings of this stone will be included with your order. I cleanse every product sold with my proprietary cleanse so your gems arrive with good vibes.

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