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  • Large Green Apophyllite on Stilbite!


    XL Green Apophyllite with peachy color Stilbite display piece! This is a lovely display piece that would be perfect for home decor! Apophyllite crystals are used to connect you to higher realms.

    ~Green Apophyllite cleanses and balances Heart Chakra energy. It brings clarity to decisions and situations of the heart by allowing the holder to …

  • Ultra Rare Green Eye Obsidian!


    Beyond Rare Green “Eye” Obsidian raw and natural! This is a natural green obsidian that looks black but when a light is placed directly behind it, you see that it is a lovely emerald green! In addition the natural formation of these pieces looks like an eye! This one is unusual in that it looks …

  • Spirit Quartz Cactus Quartz Specimen!


    Beautiful Spirit Quartz Specimen with lovely shades of lavender! Spirit Quartz is also referred to as Cactus Quartz or Porcupine Quartz. Spirit quartz is an unusual variety of quartz which is found only in South Africa.

    ~ Spirit Quartz is known as a crystal of Harmony! It can take the crystal energies of the …

  • Fluorite Cubic Golden Yellow!


    So Stunning cubic golden yellow with a hint of purple fluorite on top of green fluorite! Yellow Fluorite is one of the rarest colors of fluorite!

    ~Fluorite is a great stone of concentration and is empowering to manifest thoughts and ideas. Purple fluorite stimulates the third eye chakra and promotes common sense. Purple Fluorite is …

  • Magnetite and Epidote from Iron County Utah XXL!


    Huge Magnetite with Quartz and Epidote specimen from Iron County, Utah, USA. This is such an amazing multi-dimensional piece comprised of multiple layers of somewhat triangular magnetite with a bit of epidote and a bit of quartz! This is a self-mined specimen that is hard to let go of.

    ~Magnetite is easy to identify as it …

  • Clinothulite from Inyo County!


    Soft Pink Clinothulite with some matrix from Inyo County, California! This stone was purchased directly from the miner! It is the most velvety pale pink that really sparkles in the light! This pink, manganese-rich variety of Clinozoisite, is very similar and often confused with the pink Thulite variety of Zoisite.

    ~Clinozoisite or Clinothulite is noted for …

  • Blue Dumortierite Quartz XXXL Tower!


    Amazing 10 1/2″ tall Blue Dumortieite Tower from Brazil! The name Dumortierite comes from the name of the French paleontologist Dumortier, who it was named after. Deposits have been found in Madagascar, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Canada, Poland, France, Brazil and the USA. This blue stone has a strong ability to aid intellectual activity within the …

  • Trolleite Quartz Lovely Tower!


    Beautiful Blue Color Trolleite Tower! I was so attracted to the energy of this group of minerals known as Trolleite that make for some beautiful stones energetically and aesthetically! This is a beautifully crafted obelisk that comes from Brazil.

    ~Trolleite amplifies sensitivity and intuition, and encourages self-discipline, ethics and personal responsibility. It supports mental and …

  • Feldspar Black Tourmaline Large Massage Wand!


    Feldspar with Black Tourmaline Massage Wand! There are even areas of sparkle from some mica contained within.

    ~Feldspar assists the pessimists of the world to see things in a more positive light! Feldspar can increase self-esteem, which helps lead to assisting the realization of goals. Feldspars are often associated with contending with life’s changes …

  • Grape Amethyst Green and Lavender Large!


    Large Grape Amethyst from Mamuju area of Sulawesi Indonesia! This newer discovery has also gone by the name Grape Agate and is debated as far as if it is agate or amethyst although analysis by Dr. George Rossman at Caltech concluded these should be labeled as amethyst, and not chalcedony or agate… It may be …

  • Smoky Quartz Crystal Cluster with Muscovite!


    Unique Smoky Crystal Cluster with muscovite from San Diego County USA! It is made up of one main light smoky point that and 4-5 smaller points. It has this amazing muscovite druzy surrounding the points and the entire “back side” is all muscovite. Its as if the smoky and muscovite merged into one!

    ~Smoky Quartz …

  • Magnetite Multi-Dimensional Old Stock Dodecahedron!


    Old Stock Magnetic Magnetite with Multi-Dimensional Dodecahedron Shapes! This is an amazing multi-layered piece that has a multiple trigonics patterns that feels like some ancient gallactic code- in addition to lovely dodechahedron portions on the two sides. This is such a rare find!

    ~This Magnetite Specimen comes from Iron County, Utah and I got it …