The One Crystal that Everyone Should Have Is…

A Quartz Crystal!

Quartz is an all purpose healing tool. It helps bring mind, body and spirit into perfect harmony. It’s many uses outnumber other stones. This makes quartz crystals such a beneficial starter stone!

When you want to know more about a crystal, you look at the way it was formed. As Quartz forms it adds new bases of silica in the form of tetrahedral units of oxygen and silicon in a helical pattern. Interesting to note that our DNA also forms in bases arranged helically. So basically our DNA and Quartz Crystals are the same formation.  Also, Quartz Crystals attract a full compliment of the seven color rays which resonates with all of our chakras (energy centers) helping to restore all energy systems to a state of stability or balance. It’s easy to see why Quartz is known as the master healer!

One of my favorite crystals is Tibetan black spot Quartz. Because they are double terminated they allow for a clear energy channel and the iron and carbon inclusions anchor the high frequencies they carry. They are crystals of stillness, are perfect for meditation and they also help bridge cultures so therefore are crystals of humanity!



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